Cannabis & Psychedelic Education

Navigating the complicated world of cannabis & psychedelics as medicine can be a daunting process. It is easy to feel confused & discouraged by the plethora of terms bandied about in the media and at dispensaries. We hear words like cannabinoids, psychedelics, terpenes, strains, entheogens, micro-dosing, etc. So where should one begin seeking symptom relief and balance? Allow us to demystify and destigmatize this intricate process and help you to navigate it with confidence and dignity.

Cannabis & Psychedelics are Medicine

Using cannabis &/or psychedelics to help treat symptoms of diseases & disorders does not have to make you feel intoxicated, "high," or altered. Cannabis & psychedelics as medicine are taken in the lowest possible doses to help relieve unwanted symptoms and to help our bodies return to balance.

Conditions Cannabis &/or Psychedelics May Help Treat

Cannabis can be especially helpful in treating symptoms related to: acute/chronic pain, cancer, insomnia, PTSD, arthritis, anxiety & depression, substance addiction, autoimmune diseases, autism, neurological disorders, and side effects of polypharmacy. In addition, some of these cannabis benefits extend beyond humans to our beloved pets.